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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to Use Impact Meet ?

    Impact Meet is a WebRTC Application which doesn't need Any Downloading or any Kind of Installation either. You can just Login and Create / Join the Meeting & Share, It's That Simple.

  • Impact Meet Webinar & Video Conference side is Secured with 256bit Encryption of TLS 1.3. So Basically, We use Hop to Hop Encryption for Meetings as an add on, which is responsible for Secure & Safe Meetings, moreover we do not Collect any Private Data / Information apart from basic info from our Users and So You can Sit back and Enjoy your Webinar / Conference.

  • We're a very Small Startup, We're Using Cloud Resources to ensure Maximum Security, Fast Load times, Best Video Conferencing Experience Ever and despite all the hefty Expenses and operational costs we did run the whole Platform and offered it Free for around 6 Months catering to over 5500 Users World Wide and over 1.25Lakh Hits from over 30 Countries. Hence, now we've stopped the free services and the product is completely monetized.

  • Might be / Might not be, We've made sure you never face this concern. Hence, you can manage your own Usage based on the Video Quality and make sure you're always connected despite of the Network Fluctuations. Impact Meet will alter it's Video Quality based on Network Connectivity and make sure Audio & Video are always the Best*.

  • You can use Impact Meet from any Modern Device with Modern Browser like Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Safari. We also have Dedicated Apps to assist Frequent users both on Android as well as iOS Platforms.


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